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Tour/Activity in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Guided bike tour through the old town of Santo Domingo

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Zona Colonial

Today you will explore the first city built by Europeans in America by bicycle. During the approx. one and a half hour guided tour, you will get to know the most important sights of the historic old town. The Zona Colonial is the former home of the Spanish colonial masters and the oldest European settlement on the American continent. Here you will find the first cathedral, the first hospital and the first school in the New World. During the tour, you will make stops at historically important places and picturesque squares and learn why Columbus' son Diego lived in a much more pompous house than his father Christopher. In addition, your local tour guide will tell you which are the hippest bars, restaurants and cultural institutions - for all those who have a longer stay in the city, these insider tips are worth their weight in gold. But the darker side of colonial history is also illuminated during this excursion. You will learn how the native Taínos were exploited and how slavery was introduced to America, because the first slave market in the New World was also located in Santo Domingo. The tour is thus not only the fastest, easiest and most fun way to discover the Zona Colonial, but also a crash course in Dominican history.

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